Seminar on College Teaching


An informative and interactive course to develop essential skills for designing, delivering, and evaluating effective college-level courses.


Seminar on College Teaching Chalk Board

If you plan to teach undergraduates in your career, this course provides you with the core skills you will need, using carefully selected readings and activities, and thought provoking discussions. Topics are driven by participant interest, and may include:

  • examining how students learn,
  • developing course objectives,
  • designing teaching strategies to meet those objectives,
  • creating meaningful forms of testing and assessment,
  • establishing a productive learning environment,
  • using tools and techniques to improve communication,
  • considering ethical issues in teaching and learning, and
  • developing ways to promote life-long learning and self-improvement in teaching.

When & Where

Winter Quarter 2014
Tuesdays, 2:10 – 4:00 PM


Cara Harwood (
Mikaela Huntzinger (


Graduate students earn two(2) units of credit by registering for EDU 398. Everyone who wishes to take the course must register, including graduate students, postdocs, and faculty members. Limited enrollment.

** Class is full. **